Katie Vale – Anthropologie Display Coordinator

Katie Vale graduated in 2009 having specialised in weave on the BA (Hons) Textile Design course at Central Saint Martins. She went on to work for the American retail company URBN in their first ever European Anthropologie store as their Display Coordinator in Regent Street.

This store opened in October 2009 and since then she has worked on all the interior display and window design elements from research and development through to installation. Although her work is not strictly designed through the process of weave in the traditional sense she manages to incorporate the skill set she learnt from weave wherever possible.

Creating such diverse installations she has been able to experiment with a vast array of materials and techniques. This includes weaving on a large scale to create 3D wall treatments with natural reed and cane , traditionally used for basket/seat weaving, recycling newspapers to create woven tablecloths and most recently using plastic tarpaulin and cardboard box strapping to weave large scale bags/sacks and wallpaper for their Christmas 2011 window.

Katie plans to continue incorporating weave through out her work and would love to experiment with doing something on an extreme scale and push her material exploration further.

Photos: Katie Vale

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