Company Profile: Objects of Matter

Objects of Matter is a textile design studio based in Milan, specialising in the production of bespoke, luxury woven fabrics using the finest quality yarns. Each unique design is conceived and executed in collaboration with their clients. Their team works closely with their clients to develop emotional stories that suit the direction and environment of each individual project and they develop all their textiles in-house during the design and development stages. Presently they work closely with the finest Italian mills to deliver manufactured collections.

They cherish the value of fabric and aims to make everyday interactions with it precious and beautiful. They feel often fabric is overlooked as a medium of its own or seen simply as an enhancing component of a garment or a product. In this regard, their specialist work aims to both respect the history and cultural value of textiles, whilst also pushing the boundaries of their creative development. They do their work to celebrate the abilities of textile designers, their willingness and their endeavour, by shaping creativity into meaningful fabric collections that are exclusive to each project.

Object of Matters diversity comes from experience working across multiple industries. As such, they aim to enrich the treatment of textiles in all environments so as to illicit positive experiences from as many people as possible. To date they have worked within the fashion industry, with automotive brands and product designers. They aim to  continue working across a range of different disciplines to both enrich the lives of their clients and to advance their depth of knowledge.

Ailara Berdyyeva is a textile designer and founder of Objects of Matter studio. After training in both traditional and innovative, woven textile design at the Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins, Ailara set up her own studio producing exclusive, made-to-order fabrics for the fashion and interior industries.

Ailara combines her expertise in textile making with a well-researched and creative selection of yarns and a clean, modern design aesthetic. She is fascinated by the cultural history surrounding textiles and often infuses aspects of it with her own contemporary take on design. Her experiences living in Kazakhstan, the UK, Sweden and Italy enhance her work by adding depth of knowledge and a wider cultural dimension, helping her understand the needs of her clients worldwide.

Instagram: @objectsofmatter

Text & images: Ailara Berdyyeva

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