Rita Parniczky: ‘Broken Bones’

Rita Parniczky works with photography, video and sculpture including weave and mixed media. Her work predominantly explores structure, visual change, slow time and human behaviour.

Amongst other awards, the work has received the Wall Hanging Award from The Worshipful Company of Weavers and is included in the permanent collection of the V&A Museum.

Most recently, Rita has become recipient of the Theo Moorman Trust Award. Her project reassessed her woven work investigating the role of textiles through experimentation, with new structural works and meeting Sheila Hicks.

In the new body of work Rita juxtaposed her original woven medium with plaster. This defamiliarising act initially addressed her experience of the reception of her woven work, the expectations and limitations attached to the medium leading her to investigate how these are formed around objects, or people.

While handling plaster she re-connected with memories of having broken bones as a child, and the limitations she experienced through the protection from her family. This raised further questions and meanings of the way we process our surrounding informing the work ‘Broken Bones’ aesthetically and conceptually. 

If ‘X-Ray’ series exposes the skeletal structure of the woven body mixed-media work, ‘Broken Bones’ seals it back again. Rita breaks some plaster off the surface; these fragments, as integral part of the work, carry the imprints of the woven arrangement narrating alternative stories, some personal or fantasy such as the idea of artefacts found at excavation sites.

This project enabled Rita to evolve her woven medium to its next phase to investigate fundamental questions about human response, expressing personal stories and reclaiming past experience through materiality.

The process will give existing materials another meaning and role in life while experimenting with different ideas and outcomes. For more information email and follow @rita_parniczky

Raising questions how expectations are formed her experimental work expresses ideas on human behaviour and reclaims personal stories through materiality. Rita will be teaching a Weaving Summer Workshop at Saterglantan Institute  in Sweden this July.

The weaving workshop will focus on experimental weave, to  build structures from uncommon materials. The workshop will be exploring materials commonly used by other industries and disciplines, those second-hand or rejected goods; the process gives existing materials another meaning and role in life while you experiment with different ideas and outcomes.

This concept-led workshop will encourages participants to think freely and to experiment with weave as a medium for building structures out of uncommon materials.

Prior to, and at the beginning, to the workshop participants will collect various materials that are not usually used in weave however can be woven in some ways.

These may include materials commonly used by other industries or disciplines, second-hand or rejected goods and any of these partially changed or worked-onto to make it available for loom work.

Workshop dates 29 July – 4 August 2019

Text & Images: Rita Parniczky. Instagram: @rita_parniczky


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