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Vevar is a new studio developed from years of passionate interest in both woven cloth and the rich history of Scottish textiles. The product of two award winning designers, Christopher McEvoy-Barton and Chantal Allen, coming together to develop a modern micro mill in the heart of Glasgow’s East End – an area itself steeped in textiles history.

Services available include design and consultancy with expertise in both Dobby and Jacquard cloth design and manufacture; a range of production services for all projects and budgets – from couture handwoven, to larger lengths produced on in house power looms; and professional and career development where skills and expertise is offered to develop knowledge of the world of design, production and micro manufacturing.

With over 20 years’ experience of design and manufacture between them, Christopher and Chantal are equipped to tackle any project with expertise – creating woven textiles across Art, Design and Architecture.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Christopher is Vevar’s Sales and Marketing Manager. He became interested in textiles when he learned of his family’s history in the industry, as cotton weavers in The Calton and as dyers in Paisley. Having studied Textile Design at the Glasgow School of Art he then went on to the Royal College of Art, London, where his work became focused around raising awareness of the history of Scottish textiles and it’s innovations.

On graduating from the RCA he won the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise allowing him to open up his first studio, McEvoy Textiles, the first hand weaving studio in The Calton for 100 years. Working on a project by project basis his clients span from major fashion houses to Turner Prize nominated artists.

As Vevar’s Studio Manager, Chantal also looks forward to bringing back manufacturing of woven cloth to the city. Starting from an early age her passion for fabric, colour and designing lead her to dedicate herself to the practice of weaving. Her expertise grew whilst studying Textile Design at the Glasgow School of Art where she then went onto teach and share her knowledge as a weave technician at the university.

Her dedication for fabric and structure then took her to India where she designed and developed Jacquard woven fabrics for the European and American markets. On returning home to Scotland Chantal received numerous awards for her designs and continued to work on creative textile projects worldwide. In 2014 she founded her first textile brand, Warped Textiles, a luxury craft business focusing on time-honoured artisan fabrics.

Established in 2020, Vevar aims to continue championing Scottish textile history. Whilst there are few countries that can be defined by a fabric so much as Scotland is, Vevar aims to prove that there’s more to it than just Tartan and Tweeds. With Christopher and Chantal collaborating, the studio and mill aims to bring weaving craftsmanship back to Glasgow, thus preserving the craft for future generations.
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