Talks | Journeying: Weavers – Ismini Samanidou & Fadhel Mourali

The first of a season of Europe House Talks organised by the European Parliament’s office in London featuring leading writers and artists discussing issues of contemporary interest with a European focus.

The discussion will be chaired by Tanya Harrod, who writes on art, craft and design, and touches upon the importance of roots and the possibility of new freedoms acquired when one journeys away. This event anticipates London Craft Week, from 4-10 October 2021 at various venues around London.

The Artists

Fadhel Mourali is a hand weaver and textile artist with roots in Sweden and Tunisia who seeks to re-contextualise the universal values of handicraft in a contemporary context. He recently graduated from Central St Martins.

As a hand weaver, he is intrigued by re-contextualising traditional handicrafts to explore their contemporary meaning.

Coming from a mixed background, with roots in both Sweden and Tunisia, Fadhel is intrigued by identity and finding that certain place of longing in his work. Working in between theory and practice, he explores storytelling through tactility in the hope to reach the core of a subject, to fully understand a medium or narrative.

Fadhel is driven to keep discovering the possibilities of material processes and how to translate them visually to create new meanings and concepts. Through in-depth research studies, he aims to investigate, question and develop these notions through techniques that can express contemporary narratives and functions.

Ismini Samanidou was the first weaver-in-residence at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Born in Athens, her practice crosses the boundaries of art, craft and design with work developed for exhibitions, industry collaborations and site specific commissions. She works with weaving, drawing and photography.
Alison Britton is a ceramic artist with an international reputation. Along with Elizabeth Fritsch, Carol McNicoll and Jacqueline Poncelet she graduated from the Royal College of Art in the early 1970s. She has done much to establish the vessel as an abstract art form bringing together sculpture and painting.

Nico Conti from Malta is a recent graduate of the RCA who has a “rigorous yet playful approach to experiment he has found new ways to express his ideas. His interest is to find a personal language in clay that uses both analogue and digital technologies in its expression, thinking through process and material, to create some very particular work, with unique qualities….”

Jochen Holz originally trained in lamp working in Germany before studying glass at Edinburgh College of Art and the RCA. After graduating in 2003 Jochen established his studio in East London. His approach to design is guided by the lampworking process and the flowing forms of hot glass.

Details of Event
30th Sept 2021
Time: 6.30 – 8.00
Venue: Europe House
12 Star Gallery
Europe House
32 Smith Square

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With thanks: Text, Europe House/Fadhel Mourali. Images: Ismini Samanidou, 1&3. Fadhel Mourali. 2

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