Theo Rooden: Visual Artist

Visual artist Theo Rooden (The Netherlands, 1969) loves to take advantage of weaving techniques to build his geometric abstract compositions. In many of his works he challenges the flatness of the fabric with optical effects.

With his self-imposed rules he searches for interesting rhythms and patterns. Possibilities and constraints of the loom and yarn are a source of inspiration. Rooden prefers to make series of works to explore in detail the consequences of algorithms and its variants. When translating a design into a woven fabric, the self-imposed rules need to be bent opening a space for unexpected and interesting results. Intuition regarding colours and composition shape final choices.

Being trained as an Industrial Design Engineer, his path led him more and more to being autonomous to create beautiful things, first in graphic design, later as a visual artist. With a lifelong fascination for patterns he started weaving in 2018. As a fast learner he was able to balance his already developed personal style with the principles of weaving. In 2021 he acquired a damask handloom.

His latest collections are woven on this loom. The parade collection is a bold colourful statement. All works play with diagonals. With colour stripes in warp and weft he creates stark shapes. The two-sided hangings have two different faces. The second side being the logical result of design choices for the first side.

He is now working on the Echo collection. Again exploring depth illusions. The same damask pattern is repeated with different colours, resulting in pieces with one, two or four colours, each with a distinct character. With the monochromes he pays tribute to the history of damask weaving, without being traditional.


With many thanks to Theo Rooden for the text and images.

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