Exhibition: Woven/Unwoven | Laura Thomas

Woven / Unwoven is a major new exhibition of artworks by Laura Thomas at Ruthin Craft Centre, open from the 30th September – 7th January 2024.

The exhibition represents a distillation of all of Laura’s areas of interest in working with thread, making both woven and unwoven works. The transformation of passive threads, held taut on a loom to be woven into a fabric or placed into position to be encapsulated in glass or resin has kept her transfixed for over two decades and is at the very root of this collection of works.

Laura uses threads as lines to evoke what captures her attention in the world around her whether that be coastal horizons; the edge of a hillscape where land meets sky; a full moon; or the minutiae within coastal strata’s and sand patterns that have captivated her since childhood.

Untypical weave structures have always been a hallmark of Laura’s practice, and are indeed fundamental to this new body of work. Many of the textiles are open Spanish Lace constructions, or sparse leno weaves, with selectively cut weft floats allowing for views through the surface at what lies beyond. Rya knots and cut corduroy’s create inviting surfaces evoking coastal grasses and furrowed fields.

The textile artworks were created intuitively and are intended to present a quiet, visual meditation; a reaction against the chaos and uncertainty of recent times. There are gentle rhythms, glimpses beyond the surface and evocative textures to capture our curiosity and ground busy minds.

This exhibition was generously supported by The Arts Council Wales Lottery Fund.

Venue: Ruthin Craft Centre
The Centre for the Applied Arts
Park Road
Wales LL15 1BB
Free Admission. Free on-site parking
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5.30pm

With thanks to Laura Thomas for the text and images


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