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Ali Holloway

Studio 5
Stoke Newington Library
184 Stoke Newington Church
London N16 0JS

One to one shaft weaving classes  in Stoke Newington for beginners as well as for those with more experience. The weaving classes are  tailored to the students individual needs, including one-off taster lesson or book in for a series of lessons. Days and times are flexible so anyone interested should get in touch to arrange a class to suit. Prices: contact Ali Holloway
The Aviary Studio
Website: www.the-aviary-studio.comWorkshops: sarah@the-aviary-studio.comInsta: @the_aviary_studio
Shaft Weaving Workshops, online off loom workshops & loom hire
The Aviary Studio offers weaving workshops for all levels, from total beginners to advanced level weavers looking to hone their skills in a particular area.
During the workshop beginners will get a taste of the inner workings of the looms, try some basic weaving techniques, and get to grips with the structure of fabric. 
With three WeaveMaster table looms, one Louet table loom and one Toika Floor loom students will have ample opportunity to try an array of weaving techniques. Off-loom weaving and colour winding workshops are also available.
For students who would like to weave at home but don’t have a loom, we also have a loom hire service – students can collect the looms from us, and this is charged on a monthly basis.’
The Handweavers Studio
140 Seven Sisters Road,
London N7 7NS.
Tel: 020 7272 1891
Fax: 020 7272 7545
Spinning, shaft weaving courses and workshops. Also offer a 2 year part time diploma Also sells yarn, equipment and loom accessories
Belinda Rose

Workshops on offer


Teaching weaving at all levels, beginner through jacquard in the studio near Aberdeen, with students coming from around and out-with the UK.
Weekly classes, , bespoke individual and group tuition, and also each year 4-day mixed ability workshops
4-day workshops for TC2 jacquard weavers. Bespoke workshops are flexible and designed around the students.
Distance learning over the internet, particularly for designing for jacquard using Photoshop.
Freeweaver Saori Studio,
Craft Central,
397-411 Westferry Road
London E14 3AE
Tel: 07854113330


Hand weaving sessions on Japanese Saori floor looms for groups and individuals. Workshops, garment making courses, weave-alongs and a variety of weaving technique lessons such as Railreed weaving, Saori warp design, yarn dyeing, khadi cotton spinning and more. 1:1 tuition for special projects is also available.
Freeweaver is the home of Saori Weaving in London and is a fully registered Saori studio. We sell Saori looms, yarns, books, a range of ethical hand made yarns and charkha’s.
Lark and Bower

Insta: @larkandbower


Off-loom weaving workshops (online)

Learn to weave off-loom using industry waste yarn, a piece of wood and a needle and thread.

This online workshop is an opportunity to take a moment to celebrate woven cloth, and the structures used to create it.

Using a needle and thread, beginners can get to grips with the basics of weaving without the complexity of the loom.

We’ll weave twills, herringbones, dog-tooths and hopsacks, and by the end of the workshop participants will have three artworks to display in their home, plus the knowledge to try their own designs.

Participants will learn about the history of the fabrics they are weaving, and why it’s important to challenge the mentality around fast fashion.

Through these weavings, we’ll re-familiarise ourselves with the human input that goes into our clothing, and the skill, patience and craftsmanship of the makers.

Lisio Foundation
Offers research and courses particularly in jacquard. Old and new loom and weaving techniques Florence, Italy.
Also manufacture traditional and contemporary woven fabrics
The London Loom
Hackney Downs Studios
17 Amhurst Terrace\
E82BT London

beginner freestyle weaving workshops to children and adults at any skill level. They are  about creative satisfaction, community and fun.
They also host ‘Late Nights’ evenings with guest hosts where you can learn a variety of different crafts.
 Can offer individual or group tuition

Also stock a variety of weaving accessories and looms hand made in England

Sam Goates
Weaving workshops Workshops in wool and tweed. Scotland


Weaving Workshops and Shetland Tours See brochure link for full details. Island of Yell. Scotland

The Loom Room
Contact: Stacey Harvey-Brown
Jacquard and shaft weaving – Various Lengths of courses (see website) Based in France. Other workshops for textiles: colour, texture, design, dyeing, felting, pictorial textiles workshops (see website)
Janet Phillips
Woven Textile Designer and teacher
Butterfly Cottage,
37 Castle Street,
Nether Stowey
Somerset. TA5 1LN

01278 732266


4 day Weaving Courses are held in Janet’s studio in Somerset in weaving, spinning, dyeing and weave design. All levels are welcome from beginner to experienced weaver.
The two year Master Class in Weave Design is for weavers who wish to develop the skills to design original and innovative fabrics. This involves eight, five days studio sessions in Somerset, every three month, followed by design briefs to complete at home
Textile Centre of Excellence TCoE,

The Centre offers quality assured, flexible training at all levels from pre-entry traineeships to foundation degree equivalent programmes. The Centre is a recognised BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 organisation, holds the ‘Matrix’ standard for Information, Advance and Guidance (IAG) and has secured the Creative Skillset Industry Tick for industry relevant training and skills provision.
The Threshing Barn
Unit 10,
Reeth Dales Centre,
Silver Street,
Weaving, designing, spinning dyeing and felting courses. Craft equipment and supplies
Margo Selby
Shaft weaving classes Other workshops. Whitstable.
Riita Sinkkonen Davies
Weaving workshops  Pembrokeshire
Melanie Venes
Shaft loom weaving Norfolk
Martin Weatherhead
Residential weaving & dyeing courses Pembrokeshire
The Montreal Weaving Centre
Offers diplomas and short courses in dobby and jacquard Canada
Selvedge Magazine
 Short craft courses
Lin Squires 0780 160 7286

A selection of one day courses in tapestry A selection of one day courses primarily in Tapestry Weaving but also tapestry finishing, three dimensional techniques, tapestry and macrame combined. Taught by specialist tutors in our own workshop facility with small class sizes. Equipment and materials are generally provided.



For details see

Weftfaced Workshop
Contact: Caron Penney
Tel: +44 (0)1243 814878
M: +44(0)7970 744956
Runs workshops. High warp looms, high quality worsted wool, cotton, linen and silk Tapestries woven to commission, tapestries for sale.

Short courses online: 23rd Jan 2021

Colour blending and Hatching see website for details.

Courses going forward see the website

West Dean College
Short courses on various aspects of textiles, excellent reputation for tapestry weaving South Downs

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