Commission: Oxford Brooks University SU

SONY DSCDesigned by design company Peagreen and woven by Gainsborough Silk Weaving, the Oxford Brooks University SU Bar  has a new installation that is testament to their new purpose built development.

The tessellating shapes and disrupted visual continuation of the piece was inspired by the geometric architecture and artwork in the Victor Vasarely Museum in Aix-en-Provence. Up close the installation becomes a mirage of intricate textures, patterns and gradients created both by the artwork patterns and the weaves.

The 3 x 10 metre piece proved an exciting challenge for Gainsborough Silk Weaving and consists of eleven woven panels, which were then rearranged and stitched together to create the finished work. No two panels are the same, employing a mixture of warps and weft yarn to create a completely different feel from one side of the loom to the other. Using silks, cotton, rayon and lurex to create added depth the installation has  great impact and is enticing.

The SU Bar will be open to students and the public from September 2014.

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