Texprint Weavers: Indigo, Paris

Texprint2013-logo-with382strapline_2spotcolTexprint interviews, mentors and promotes the UK’s most talented textile design graduates with the support of industry professionals worldwide.

Those selected are introduced to buyers, press and sponsors at the Texprint London event, and at Europe and Asia’s leading yarn and textile exhibitions.

Texprint is entirely funded by the generous sponsorship of industry and by British charitable foundations.  Their sponsors believe wholeheartedly in supporting textile design talent and in encouraging design innovation and excellence. Source: Texprint website

The following 2014 weave graduates were selected, initially exhibited their work in July in London and will each have a stand to show their designs  within ‘Texprint Village’ Hall 5 at Indigo trade Fair, Hall 5, Stand 5Y60, Première Vision Pluriel, Parc d’Expositions de Paris-Nord. Sept 16th – 18th 2015.

The winners of the awards will be announced in Paris on 17th Sept 2014 and the awards will be presented by Nino Cerruti, Designer and Head of the Biella based Textile Mill, Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti.

Texprint Weavers

ZanaAjvaziB-1Zana Ajvazi

Zanas’ work is described as contemporary woven textiles that mediate between concepts of social and digital impact, to facilitate innovative design for the body.

Zana is inspired by research into material innovation, and the crossovers between textiles and other disciplines, including science and socio-economics; also the intricacy and interplay of different cultures, materials and traditional weaving techniques. Zana graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London – BA (Hons) Textile Design. Zana has been selected for an internship in Como, Italy.

Weave 2 - Ailis DewarAilis Drewar

Ailis describes her  collection of woven designs as taking influence from the study of natural geological
arrangements that decorate untouched rural landscapes. Becoming interested in structure; natural
elements that appeared regimented, geometric or echoed order not commonly identified with the
natural world, in order to future inspire textiles that explored three-dimensional form.Whilst her primary research initially encompassed barren coasts of the West Coast of Scotland, her later
travels to the higher latitudes of Iceland allowed a far more severe experience of rural topography,
which offered fascinating natural forms such as basalt rocks, glacial ice fissures and crystal-like
intricacies, all fitting to the theme of regimented form desired.

Her colour research has drawn influence once again from an element associated with rural place,
referencing seaweed to find surprising and unexpected saturations of colour with particular interest in
capturing contrasting qualities of high sheen and deep matt.

The technical sampling for fabric has explored methods in which to create cloth that possessed both form
and movement, finding a balance between the rigid basalt formations of Iceland and the rolling curves
of coastal rock in Scotland.

Her initial investigation stemming from the outdoor environment further influenced the research of hard
wearing materials usually associated with outdoor wear such as nylons, leathers and plastics, leading
to their direct inclusion within technical sampling, alongside fine merino and mohair yarns with fabric
outcome resulting in the construction of ornate textural fabrics.

Ailis graduated from Glasgow School of Art and has been shortlisted for an internship in Como, Italy.

Georgia Fisher 5smallGeorgia Fisher

Georgia describes her woven fabrics are designed for an Autumn-Winter fashion collection. Bold and crude brush strokes, line drawings, watercolour and ink paintings are at the core of every design, along with a desire to breakaway from the linear restrictions of the loom. Her  focus has been on luxury yarns such as mohair, cashmere and silk, which she has sought to modernise with synthetic yarns to make a contemporary collection whilst referencing the grandeur and extravagance of the outerwear of the early and mid-20th century.  Georgia graduated from Central Saint Martins (BA) and The Royal College of Art. Georgia has been shortlisted for the Texprint Space prize and an internship in Como, Italy.

BETH HUMES 2Beth Humes

Beth is a Woven Textile Designer motivated by the desire to create a mood or feeling. Her graduate collection, initially inspired by British botanical gardens and Victorian greenhouses, was developed through the manual altering of over-exposed and mood-charged imagery in her delicate analysis of an unusual colour palette. Primarily texture driven fabrics utilize artisanal, craft techniques both on and off the loom to suggest distinct subtleties in surface, playing with various combinations of luxury fibres in the creation of tactile fabrics for the high-end fashion market. Beth graduated from University of Brighton  BA (Hons). She has been shortlisted for the Texprint Colour and Pattern awards

Short listed for the TEXPRINT Colour and Pattern Awards – See more at: http://www.texprint.org.uk/index.php/designers/#sthash.s89nojD4.dpuf

Aline Nakagawa de OliveiraA08Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira

The Conquest of Spaces is a collection of handcrafted woven fabrics that approaches design in a more mouldable deconstructed manner. The collection shows the potential of textiles applied in contemporary living whilst still maintaining their unique and delicate patterns.

Textiles are usually applied within wallpaper and upholstery, however, The Conquest of Spaces takes a new approach to Interior Design. This ollection tries to expand to the real life use cases of textiles and encompasses new possibilities by using Deconstructivism. Aline graduated from BA (Hons) Central Saint Martins. Aline has been shortlisted for the Texprint Space award and Como Internship.





Frederica Tedeschi1Frederica Tedeschi

Frederica explores finding beauty in the mundane, playing with the notion of what is real and what is fake and with our sensorial perception of space and value; combining embroidery, weave and print to translate common everyday materials into the luxurious. Frederica attended CSM BA (Hons) Textile Design and the Royal College of Art. She has been shortlisted for the Texprint Body Award and the Lululemon Texprint Award







All images & text copyright 2014  Texprint Weavers.

Finding beauty in the mundane, playing with the notion of what is real and what is fake and with our sensorial perception of space and value; combining embroidery, weave and print to translate common everyday materials into the luxurious. – See more at: http://www.texprint.org.uk/index.php/designer/federica-tedeschi1/#sthash.Gk5aGwt0.dpuf
Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira
Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira
Aline Nakagawa de Oliveira


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