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DWW courseDevon Weavers Workshop run courses for intermediate and experienced weavers, at their well equipped workshop in Totnes, Devon . The workshop has a dobby loom, a computer loom, several floor looms and Louet table looms. The Tutors are professional British weavers and visitors from America who run 3 to 4 day workshops to share their particular expertise. The Workshop would like to be able to offer places on these courses to other weavers.

Barbara Walker, from Oregon, USA, is booked to teach at Devon Weavers Workshop in October 2014. Barbara is an multi-talented, award-winning weaver, a regular contributor to Handwoven magazine, and many other publications.

Barbara is an experienced and excellent teacher and welcomes a broad spectrum of weaving ability in her classes. This is a rare opportunity to broaden weaving skills and learn from a true master. The courses will be run as ‘round robins’ and full warping instructions will be given well ahead of each course. There are plenty of weavers in DWW willing to help those who need it to warp up their looms. You will have with a lovely selection of samples for your records from whichever course you choose.

Course 1: Warp  Patterning
Dates: 21 – 23 Oct 2014
Price: £195.00 non members
Deposit: £50.00, final balance 21st September 2014

This three-day, round-robin workshop for intermediate and advanced weavers covers turned drafts and a wide range of supplementary warp applications. It proves that two warps are definitely better than one. Why confine yourself to only one warp? The use of two or more warps opens up new and exciting opportunities for adding pattern to cloth. After learning to dress a loom with more than one warp you will explore many patterning techniques, most of which require only one shuttle. Sample weaving includes turned drafts, large-scale patterns, small-scale motifs, loom-controlled embellishments, and combining warp and weft patterning.
Course 2: Colour & Weave Duets
Date: 25 – 27 October
Price: £195.00 non members
Deposit: £50.00, final balance 21st September 2014

A three-day, round-robin workshop demonstrates how colour sequencing can totally transform the appearance of a weave structure. Structure exercises and color theory will encourage students to develop their own colour-and-weave designs. Sample weaving includes duets of a weave structure and its colour-and-weave counterpart.

Suitable for new weavers and the experienced, this workshop can be a wonderful mentoring experience for a guild. Whether you’re a colour/texture weaver or a structure junkie, you’ll enjoy weaving of structures and colour-and-weave counterparts, and learn a few woven embellishments to add to your repertoire.

Course: Introduction to Weaving
Dates: 27/28 Sept, 4/5 & 11/12 October, 2014. Spread over three consecutive weekends.
Tutor: Jenny Rolfe
Course Cost – £195( includes the cost of yarns)
Classes are small and based on practical learning. Beginners are taught all stages of setting up a loom and will use their newly learned skills to weave a scarf.

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