Book: Woven Textiles – A Designer’s Guide

Woven TextilesWoven Textiles - A Designer’s Guide by Sharon Kearley

Weaving is an age-old craft but it has boundless potential. The beauty and joy of weaving a finished piece of cloth can be enhanced by creating your own designs and using the latest ideas and techniques.

This new book explains to the novice how to start weaving textiles, but also develops techniques for the more experienced so they can learn to appreciate colour, patterns and structures, and thereby design their own richly-textured cloth.

As well as practical information on how to get started, Woven Textiles provides:

  • Information on yarns and fibres, and how they can be combined
  • Step-by-step instructions on learning to weave.
  • Guide to weave structures and patterns.
  • Colour, pattern and structure explained.
  • Finishing techniques.
  • Examples of finished pieces by leading weave designers

Woven Textiles p186-1Sharon Kearley graduated in 1995 from The London Institute, Chelsea School of Art, with a BA(Hons) Textiles Design having specialized for two years in woven design.

Her eighteen year career has been incredibly diverse encompassing Fashion and Costume Styling and making for the advertising, theatre, film and television industries; the infamous Big Breakfast and The Bigger Breakfast Show of the mid ninties; styling presenters Liza Tarbuck and Johnny Vaughn, Sara Cox and Dermot O’Leary. She set up her own design practice in 2002 in Northern Spain where she exhibited her woven designs, working to various commissions and continued to work in Costume and lectured Art and Design in Art Academies.

She returned her business to the UK in 2009 and has since lectured at the London Metropolitan University and higher education establishments, currently lecturing at Winchester School of Art as a Visiting Lecturer for students on the MA Textiles Design Course. She has completed a number of residencies at universities, galleries and museums working predominantly with ‘minority’ groups using weave design as a tool for healing and self-motivation and has won funding on a number of projects, continuing to push her passion for weave in these areas. She provides workshops and talks to all ages sharing her knowledge and passion for her subject.

The advice, ideas and techniques provided in this book are based on her experiences and driven by her passion for the potential and excitement of woven textiles.

SBN: 9781847978141 PUBLISHED: 08/08/2014 PAGES: 240 BINDING: Hardback SIZE: 260×215 mm INSIDE: 332 colour photographs. Publishers Crowood

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