Exhibitions & PhD: Barbara Jansen

3 - temporal patterns - colour flowBarbara Jansen will be displaying two projects (physical prototypes): “rhythm exercise” and “Sinus 64 + blue” at Techtextil Fair in Frankfurt on the stand from Smart Textiles/University of Boras, stand 3.1 C76, 4th-7th May 2015.

She will be on site on 4th-6th May. She will also give a lecture on  her PhD research at Elfack Fair in the Light Forum at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center in Gothenburg 7th -may 2015.

Temporal patterns – Solo Exhibition.
Textile Museum Boras, Sweden. 17th February – 29th March

7 - temporal patterns - Sinus 64 + blueIn this exhibition, textile designer Barbara Jansen presented her PhD thesis, in which she investigated the visual effects of movement using light as a continuous time-based medium. The textiles displayed in this exhibition showed a varying range of examples which explore aesthetic possibilities of how light can be integrated as an active part into textile structures. Thereby ranging from weaving, to knitting and braiding techniques, both hand crafted, as well as industrial produced.

8 - temporal patterns - Sinus 64 + blueCraft and industrial processes have been used to explore the lighting possibilities of PMMA optical fibres, light emitting threads, in textile structures. Therewith the work in the field of Smart Textiles develops a new type of working within textiles. It allows going beyond current industrial possibilities, and thereby enables to create future visions for the field of textiles design.

This exhibition was a collaboration between the Textile Museum, the Smart Textiles Initiative, The Swedish School of Textiles and Barbara Jansen. The exhibition is based on her PhD thesis Composing over time, temporal patterns – in Textile Design: http://bada.hb.se/handle/2320/14360

Image credits
Images: 1 + 2: Colour flow is a series of experiments exploring the creation of sequences of coloured light. The aim is to explore how to lead over from one action to another, how to change over from one colour to the next inside a woven structure.

Images: 3 + 4: Rhythm exercise explores the creation of rhythmic light sequences by using different ways of dividing time. This facilitates the creation of different rhythms, speeds, dynamics and tensions in the composition of movement, using white light inside braided structures.

Images: 5 + 6: Sinus 64 + blue is a cooperated project with Jan Carleklev, which explores how sound can trigger and create a dialogue with light. Different sounds set off different forms of coloured movement inside a woven structure.

Images: 7 + 8

Text: Barbara Jenson. Images: 1-6 are from photographer: Henrik Bengtsson, Images: 7-8 from photographer: Jan Berg

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