Design in Motion: V & A Museum of Design Dundee

DesignInMotionA4FAW_nocrops_121646The Design in Motion exhibition has been touring since Feb 2015 and will continue to tour across various venues. Click on link to find where it is currently and where it is going to.

Design in Motion, a collaboration with the Travelling Gallery, is part of our pre-opening programme. The designers featured all use digital technologies to push the boundaries of their discipline, enabling them to experiment, play and innovate. The exhibition demonstrates how design can be put to work to reconstruct our heritage, visualise the unseen, and create products not previously possible.

Designers featured are: Sara Robertson & Sarah Taylor, Anarkik3D, Digital Design Studio, Holly Fulton, Sophia George, Lynne Maclachlan, Geoffrey Mann

Text and images: Crafts council and Design in Motion website

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