Yasmin Hussain: Texprint Weave 2015


Weave - Yasmin Hussain - 4Yasmin Hussain is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins specialising in the construction of woven fabrics. Throughout the early part of her degree, she produced designs using the more traditional materials such as silks, wools and rayons. Some of these collections were inspired by patterns in her cultural background as well as intricate gates in London and bones.
For her final collection, she was inspired by alternative materials and techniques across different disciplines and translated these through to woven articulate designs. Inspired by the movement of classic children’s toys, these bold and bright but sophisticated woven designs use techniques such as laser cutting and heat setting to create a collection of articulating fabrics.

Yasmin will be exhibiting alongside the other Texprint winners  at Première Vision Designs in Paris. 15th – 17th September 2015

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