Anja Alexandersdottir: Texprint Weave 2015

Anja Alexandersdottir 2Anja Alexandersdottir’s graduate collection was inspired by  from the fleeting and transient qualities found in nature, such as light through the trees, natural anomalies that are volcanoes,  northern lights, and her light leak, double exposure photography.

Working with hand dyed cashmere silk to translate the hazy qualities in her photography into woven fabric she has produced delicate fabrics with subtle colours shifts and light filtering qualities, that are complimented by figurative jacquards depicting the more graphic qualities in the theme.

Anja will be exhibiting  alongside the other Texprint winners at Première Vision Designs in Paris. 15th – 17th September 2015

Anja graduated with a BA (Hons) Design for Textiles from Heriot Watt University

Text and image: Anja AlexandersdottirAnja Alexandersdottir 1


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