Theo Moorman Trust Award: Cos Ahmet

Cos_Ahmet_Mutatis-Mutandis-detail 3Cos Ahmet has received an award from the Theo Moorman Trust to develop new work which will be exhibited at the K&S Shows across three venues later this year.

The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers has been in existence since 1990 and aims to be a valuable resource for both young and experienced weavers. The Trustees want to ensure that the grants that are made enable individual weavers to maintain a high standard of work, and through this, to promote weaving as an art form. The Trust was established in 1985 by Theo Moorman MBE (1907-1990) and came into operation on her death.

Cos Ahmet is a multi-disciplinary artist. His practice is made up of textiles, in the form of woven tapestry, collage, printmaking and object making. His interest in textiles as a medium of exploration in to identity, self and the body uses the practicalities of the medium to discern a metaphor within the human form, representing these as: ‘thread as the thought’, ‘warp as the skeleton’, ‘weft as flesh or skin’, and ‘weave’ as the soul.

Cos_Ahmet_Mutatis-Mutandis-detailAhmet treats the body in two ways; the physical and immediate through his own identity, as well as the organic and abstracted presentations, referring to the ‘suggested’ or ‘part’ body. Both comment on the complex nature of the self, and communicating their own type of body dialogue. These dialogues take on their own symbolism and appearance, but are implicit presences, traces or imprints of identity and self.

Text & images: Cos Ahmet

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