‘Contemporary Weaving Patterns’ – Margo Selby

Margo Selby has written her first book. ‘Contemporary Weaving Patterns – weaving with colour and texture’. The book was launched on 15th December 2011 and includes 150 different fabric ideas that can be created over 25 warps. Margo will be selling signed copies in her studio, shop and gallery in Bloomsbury as well as through her online store.

Over the last decade, Margo Selby has been developing fabric constructions and textures on handlooms and then taking these into production for distribution to her own shop and studio and to outlets all over the world

Margo says she derives much satisfaction from the disciplined nature of weaving. Pushing the boundaries of the horizontal and vertical lines as they are on the loom and seeing how to distort these through structure and finishing is an exciting challenge.

Her inspiration comes from eclectic sources. Margo always carries a camera and notebook and collects colour palettes from where ever she goes including packaging, architecture, advertising, nature and everyday objects. Traditional textiles of the world have provided much inspiration to her whilst traveling; Luxurious and meticulously woven saris in Varanasi-India, fluorescent colours from the textiles of San Cristobel De la Casas Mexico and the refined structural qualities created by contemporary Japanese weavers have all influenced her style. She enjoys a playful approach to colour, pattern, proportion and scale whilst respecting the satisfaction gained from repetition and the sense of order.

Photos: Margo Selby

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