Historical weaving items available

2. Hand and Company, manufacturers of gold and silver lace. The Hand family association with the London weaving industry can be traced back to the Huguenot settlements of east London and a weaver named Hans who fled Flanders from Huguenot persecution to settle and work in Spitalfields area. By 1869 when Matthew Hand moved the business to Piccadilly to be nearer to the West End Tailoring industry the Company was specialising in the weaving of gold and silver lace. Proximity to Savile Row has become an important factor in the survival of the comp. The equipment acquired by the Museum from the company in 1989 had fallen into disuse .

These objects would be available  as a free transfer, and they may be able to arrange transport of these items.

If you would be interested in more information about these objects, or to make an appointment to view them, please contact Naomi Russell nrussell@museumoflondon.org.uk would be happy to assist you. Please genuine enquiries only.

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