Select Festival & Symposium 2017

Select Festival 2017 is a celebration of visual arts on from 29th to April 28th May at various venues in Gloucestershire with over 150 artists taking part. There are  exhibitions, workshops, events, talks and a one day symposium plus  Select Trail Open Studios in the  Stroud Valleys

DIS/rupting Tradition: New Textile Languages. Select Festival 2017 presents a symposium linked to the lead exhibition DIS/rupt.

One Day Symposium - Co-ordinated by Dr Melanie Miller

Date: Sat 6th May 2017.
Times: 11am – 4pm

Dr Melanie Miller has convened a thought-provoking symposium to run alongside the Textile Study Group’s exhibition DIS/rupt. Focussing on the theme of disrupting tradition, the symposium will address issues around ‘new textile languages’.

Speakers: Dr Melanie Miller; Alice Kettle; June Hills and Michelle Stephens.

Speakers will address and expand on the themes of the exhibition and explore the contribution that textiles and craft make to society providing a thought-provoking and engaging environment for debate.

DIS/rupt touches on global conflict, with the concomitant problems of migration and the refugee crisis; climate change and ecological disruption; and disruption within traditional fabric making processes.

Melanie Miller will open the symposium with a consideration of what we mean by textile languages, and how they are understood.

She will provide an introduction to recent developments in the fashion and textiles arena, focussing on the impact of new technology within design, making and marketing. Reflecting on the use of textiles as a political tool and consciousness-raising medium, and the role of making within communal and community based activities.

June Hill will examine the notion of disruption from a curatorial perspective, drawing on her experience of curating exhibitions across a wide range of venues and makers and over considerable time periods.

Alice Kettle has long used textiles as a powerful communicative tool, to re-tell both historic tales and respond to contemporary events. Within her talk Alice will examine the use of thread to layer autobiographical meaning within political narratives.

Michelle Stephens will provide an overview of her research Coded Cloth, an investigation into generative design as a digital-led design process for jacquard weave, using code to program, and as a tool to reanimate historical jacquard pattern archives.  Exploring the DIS/rupting design process in woven textiles.

During the talk, Stephens will also contextualise the work in the broader field of enquiry, providing examples of generative design in graphics, data-driven graphic design, architecture, printed textile design and more specifically, woven textile design.

These examples will provide the audience with a better understanding of new developments in contemporary textile language.

The day aims to be innovative, exploratory, engaging.

Drop in coding sessions:
An opportunity to witness some live programming demonstrations.

Venue: Lansdown Hall Stroud GL5 1BB
Tickets available online from the Select Festival

Contact: Select Festival office for details and images
T: 01453 751056

Select Trail 2017: 6th & 7th & 13th & 14th May

Supported by Arts Council England
Images by Michelle Stephens created using generative design for woven jacquard production.

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