Workshop: Scandinavian Weaves

Scandinavian Weaves

Course Tutor: Jette Vandermeiden
Venue: Devon Weavers Workshop,

Discover what Scandinavian weaves are, how to weave them and the many ways they are useful for handweavers of today. This course, designed for weavers of all skill levels (basic weaving experience is required), will include various weave structures such as Halvdrejl, Jamtlandsdrall, Monk’s Belt, Daldrall, Canvas weave, Huck weave in multicolours, 2 block damask, Myggtdrall, and will be a timed ‘round robin’ format.

Jette has been creating textiles since early childhood and has extensive knowledge of fibre related topics. She has been a consultant to museums, documentary researchers, and developers of weaving curricula for college fibre arts programs. A prolific writer and teacher, Jette has conducted classes and workshops internationally and is a regular columnist for Fibre Focus.

She weaves damask and Scandinavian weaves on her drawlooms, and works on the Jacquard loom at the Ontario Science Center. A series of YouTube videos to help weavers solve basic weaving problems is her latest project (see Her goal is to share weaving skills so this ancient craft will continue to enrich our lives.

Course Dates: Sat 9th to Mon 11th Sept 2017
Nr Totnes. TQ9 7DY.
Course Fee: £255
Contact: Jill Davies or t: 01803 867395

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