Exhibition: 1580 | Space & Volume

Dates: 5th March – 25th April 2018.
Meet the Maker: 21st March 2018
Address: The Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom,
15 Langton Street.
London. SW10 0JL.

During London Design Week 2018, Master weaver, Philippa Brock showcases her three dimensional  woven textiles work, in the Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom  as part of their “Makers Tales” series. A celebration of innovation in constructed textiles.

Philippa is showing some of her new abstract works, from the series  ‘1580: Volume and Space in the Third Dimension’,  informed by endless repetition, medieval ruff sizes, cellular kite construction and psychedelic honeycomb mushrooms.

This work explores the experimental weaving of multiple vertical interconnecting layers, that expand into 3D forms once removed from the loom. These pieces are sized and suspended, resulting in a series of abstract kinetic works interplaying with shadow and form.

The series also contains ‘1580: glitch’ pieces, serendipitous binary code inputting mistakes. Also showing are pieces from previous series including ‘Self Fold’ and ‘X- Form’

All Philippa’s works are woven personally, through both sampling on shaft and jacquard Digital Norway TC2 studio looms and also at Gainsborough Weaving Company, Suffolk; as a trained power loom weaver, she operates a dataweave industrial jacquard loom for both sampling and producing innovative one-off/limited run works.

Philippa specialises in experimentation with innovative yarns and fibres, often incorporating low tech and high tech materials including paper, metals, linens, silks, fluorescent and conductive yarns in her work, whilst creating beautiful tactile samples and one off lengths of fabric.

The works self assemble as they come off the loom due to the design, woven structure and yarn interactions. The sculptural and textural qualities of the fabrics lend themselves to interior and gallery installations, both as one-off pieces of textile art and as commissioned lengths for  interior design projects.

Philippa’s work ranges from designing textiles for the fashion and interiors industry, research into innovative digital jacquard & shaft weaving production methods and exhibits woven jacquard textiles internationally. The Crafts Council has obtained works from the ‘Nobel Textiles’ research project for their permanent collection and her work is also in private collections.

Alongside her portfolio practice as an independent textile researcher, designer and artist, Philippa is a TFRC researcher and runs the woven textile pathway, on the BA (Hons) Textile Design degree at Central Saint Martins, UAL. She co-founded Studio Houndstooth, with Jo Pierce – a slow future materials & textile studio and is editor of The Weave Shed.

The Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom welcomes Philippa to the series of “Makers Tales” showcases and will be holding a ‘meet the maker’ session during the exhibition where Philippa will be in attendance to talk about her work and the innovative techniques she has developed with weaving technology.

For further details please contact:
Sophie Belcher at showroom@guygoodfellow.com

Philippa will be launching a new website during this period, please contact her on this link or The Weave Shed for any queries.

Text: Guy Goodfellow Collection, Images: photography and copyright of images, Philippa Brock.




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