Exhibition: Hannah Waldron

‘Primary Traveller’
New works by textile artist Hannah Waldron

‘Primary Traveller’ opens at the Select Festival on 21 April 2018

Hannah Waldron’s new work Primary Traveller is a nomadic modular structure that will house a new body of weavings specially created for this exhibition. Commissioned by and for the Select Festival.

‘Primary Traveller’ is an ambitious new work; a textile installation which will serve as a meeting place for discussion around the role of textiles and tapestry today.

Alongside are retrospective pieces that have previously toured internationally but have never been shown in England.

The space will be a meeting place for discussion on the work, its themes and the larger role of contemporary textile practises within both art and craft production and exhibition ecologies.
Hannah began weaving in 2010 after an encounter with the weavings of Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers at the Bauhaus archive in Berlin, immediately inspired and noticing an articulation in the threads as she manipulated them while the learning her craft, Hannah has often felt as if the process of weaving has drawn certain stories out of her that she wouldn’t be able to express in any other medium; stories of place, travelling and narratives that take in all the senses.

In her artist talk on 22nd April Hannah will talk more about her journey into weaving and how she believes weaving is a relevant vehicle for an artist exploring the world today.

Presented by SIT select as part of the Select Festival 2018

Date: Saturday 21 April – Saturday 19 May
Venue: Museum in the Park
Stratford Park Stroud GL5 4AF


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