2018 Graduate Weavers: University of Huddersfield

Laura Trowsdale
Laura graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in woven textiles. During her final year of study Laura was awarded winner of the Northern England heat and runner-up in the UK final of the Society of Dyers & Colourists International Design Competition.

In addition to showcasing her final collection at New Designers she previously completed work placements at M&S Head Office, woven design studio Rare Thread and trend forecasting agencies Scarlet Opus, Colour Hive and Unique Style Platform after successfully being awarded a bursary by The Clothworkers Company.

Her final collection combined innovative colour blending and traditional, technical leno hand weaving skills. Presented in a palette that ranged from fresh bright to deep dark tones, the set of sophisticated fabrics were directed towards the high end apparel market.

Early sample developments adopted a multidisciplinary approach; combining woven textiles and digital print.

Inspired by technique and innovation these prototype designs could be developed for sportswear, apparel and interior application.

i: @lauraemilyt  w: www.lauratrowsdaletextiles.co.uk e: laura_e.t@live.co.uk

Kirsty Lodge

Neoteric Eden is a collection of bespoke upholstery fabric inspired by forms and textures of plants. The literal and abstract style adds character alongside the playful use of colour.

These hand woven jacquard fabrics have their own personality, creating an atmosphere that brings a uniqueness to their surrounding environment.

i:@kirstytextile w: kirstylodge.co.uk  e:kirstytextiles@gmail.com

Lucy Macdonald

Bad Taste is a collection for interiors that draws inspiration from the shapes within 70s pattern and kitsch design. Intensity of colour is key to the overall theme of this collection along with excessive texture. The essence of these creations is a sense of playfulness.

i:@lucymacdesign  w:www.lucymacdesign.com e: lucymacdesign@outlook.com

Chloe Pullan

Atmospheric Serenity: The calming change of sun in the evening casts light throughout the room, this sensory experience inspires Chloe Pullan’s collection of fine hand woven textiles.

Using qualities of transparency, light and colour within her fabrics; Pullan’s aim is to create the feeling of serenity through a playful effort to reinvent the net curtain.

Chloe is BSc (Hons) Textile design graduate from the University of Huddersfield. Specialising in woven textiles but works often as an interdisciplinary designer, using other specialisms within design and textiles such as print, knit and 35mm film photography.

These skills became the driving force of her practice as she works more with other skills to achieve an atmosphere with my samples. She develops woven samples using fine polyester yarns to develop collections for spaces to create an interactive atmosphere that encompasses light and colour.

i: @chloe.jayne.p   w: chloejaynetextiles.com  e: chloe@chloejaynetextiles.com

Sally Steward


Steward studied Textile Design at the University of Huddersfield graduating with a First-Class Honours Degree in 2018.

There, she developed a practice, which questions materials and challenges technique. Problem solving is also an important drive as she crosses the two- dimensional boundaries of weaving bringing layers of sculpture and structure to the technique. Although currently conceptual, these innovations are applicable across disciplines, including architecture, medical textiles, interior design and engineering.

In a technology, touchscreen-driven world, this enticing collection brings the tactile sense back down to earth exploring Newton’s principle that: “For every action there is an equal and opposition reaction.” Tangibility questions the materiality through an experiment-driven practice, showing off three-dimensional fabrics that were made to move, mould and respond.

i: @tactile_maker  w: sallysteward.co.uk  e: design@sallysteward.co.uk

With thanks to the Huddersfield Weavers above for their text and images

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