Exhibition: ‘Praktis | Mind and Matter

‘Praktis | Mind and Matter: The Making of Craft

Fifteen designer makers are exhibiting their work in  Bury Court Barn and its garden in October.

The exhibitors, renowned practitioners in ceramics, wood, willow, jewellery and textiles will show pieces for sale or commission, and reveal their thinking, inspiration and working methods in practical demonstrations and illustrated talks during the exhibition.

The stages of making – the consideration, the preparation and the sheer repetition of creating something by hand, all play an equal part in the finished object.

Ideas often take hours of work on paper or experimenting with materials before they are made. It is necessary to understand and learn from traditions, but for a contemporary maker to move forward requires having an idea that can push both the materials and the technique in a new direction: this can be extremely satisfying both for the maker and the observer, as it both respects but also questions what can be achieved with the materials and technique.

Although the  exhibition includes work in a range of media, textiles are particularly well -represented, with three weavers: Ann Richards, Geraldine St Aubyn Hubbard and Deirdre Wood. In addition, there are three further makers working with textiles: Alison Ellen (knit) and Lucy Goffin and Barbara Kennington (stitched textiles). The basket maker Jenny Crisp will also being showing work.

Dates: 11 – 14 October 2018
Times: Daily 10-5
Address: Bury Court Barn, Bentley Nr Farnham GU10 5LY

Text & images: with thanks to the above Designer Makers
List of images:

Top: Deirdre Wood: Interlocking Rings
2: Ann Richards: Möbius neckpiece.
3:Geraldine St Aubyn Hubbard

Images below | Barbara Kennington: Japan Series: Lucy Goffin: Downland Cloud Shadow:Alison Ellen







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