Dominique Caplan: A Texprint/Indigo Personal Experience

Texprint, is an established charity that promotes fresh graduates from both masters and bachelor degree Textile programmes. 24 fortunate graduates from across the U.K are hand picked first by their tutors, and then a chosen 200 are interviewed by an industry panel who have the arduous task of making the final selection.

The launch of Texprint 2012 at the London showcase in early July demonstrated the promising and varied talent of the new graduate generation – a beautiful and stimulating visual feast and a select taster of each Texprint participants Portfolio.

At Indigo, Paris the full range of the weave Texprint graduates collections could be seen – each a personal signature with much to offer the design industry. The combination of bold brights with deep darks creating punchy graphic wovens juxtaposed shiney, textured tacticle explorations and gentle humour. Seven very different collections with one common factor – Innovation.

The seven selected weavers brought new insight to the capacity of woven textiles and set the precedence for the future industry. Exhibiting alongside some the leading sample providers for both fashion and interiors, Texprint offers a phenomenal opportunity for international industry exposure. Texprint weavers each had their own personal successes; whether selling, procuring free-lance work, commissions and job offers.

Texprint relies on industry support and sponsorship and this year six Texprint awards were up for grabs. Sophie Manners won the Texprint Woolmark Award for her highly intelligent and innovative use of Marino wool in designing beautiful textured, tactile wovens and Sophie Reeves was awarded the second paid internship with Lululemon Athletica in Vancouver for her bold, graphic, structured wovens.

Busy, tired and elated this years Texprint finalists left Premier Vision to pursue their ambitions, follow up on their newly made contacts and carve their way into the textile industry. The collective feeling from all was of hope for their future promising careers and gratification for the acknowledgement of their potential and talent. This years Texprint stars send a huge and very much deserved thank you to Texprint and its organizers for all their advice, encouragement and for making it all possible.

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