Philippa Brock. 2D Р3D: Jacquard Woven Textiles Exhibition, Montr̩al.

The ‘2D – 3D’ exhibition shows Philippa Brock’s ‘Self Fold’ series and her new ‘X- Form’ series.  The series continue to explore her research in to ‘on loom’ finishing techniques which, through the use of yarn properties and layered weave structure combinations result in textiles which 3D form either immediately they come off the loom or with light steaming.

The new  ‘X-Form’ series developed for the Montreal exhibition explore ideas around x-form paper folding techniques and integrate the use of smart yarns in the weft, resulting in works that take on different appearances in both daylight and in UV light.

The ‘X-Form’ series have been developed so no electronics or programming are required and it is the inherent properties of the yarns used which create the smart different qualities of the series. The weft yarns used include phosphorescent and fluorescent.

Philippa Brock is Pathway Leader for Woven Textiles at Central Saint Martins: UAL 3 days a week and has a portfolio design practice, working in both research and the textile industry . She has previously designed e-textiles for clothing, developing conductive woven textile sensors, switches, circuits and actuators, was part of the ‘Nobel Textiles’ project (‘Self Assembly’ series) and ‘Warp Factor 09’ working with yarn provided by the Oji paper fibre company developing the ‘Self Fold’ series. Philippa Brock is also a member of Textile Futures Research Group

The textiles were woven by Philippa Brock at Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company using their Bonas Dataweave loom.

Contacts: The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles

Philippa Brock



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