Paris Meets X-Ray Fabric©: Rita Parniczky

Rita Parniczky weaves exclusive hand woven material for interiors and art projects and has developed her innovative material, X-Ray Fabric© since her graduation from Central St Martins in 2009.
She now works on a 24-shaft computer dobby loom from her London-based studio, at Cockpit Arts Deptford.

Rita was recently commissioned by SAS matériO Paris to create a piece for their appearance at the Equipbaie Fair in the French capital this November. Group matériO was showcasing a trend area dedicated to innovation within the solar protection fields. Rita’s work was very well received by both public and industry. Now, this piece will hang in the office and showroom of matériO in Paris. Further samples of X-Ray Fabric© will be included into each material library of matériO across Europe.
Rita, by manipulating the warp threads, creates a translucent structure which quality allows the viewer to look into inner layers of X-Ray Fabric©.

The concept and background to the birth of X-Ray Fabric© starts with hospital x-ray films. While these reveal bone structures in the body so does X-Ray Fabric© show the warp threads; these latter ones are the base structure to fabrics. They get ‘x-rayed’ in Rita’s work and become entirely visible to the viewer. The threads, a mix of monofilament and rayon, form engaging patterns across the surface.
Most of these patterns, similarly to x-rays, are partly hidden until they are exposed to light. Something more happens when light travels through X-Ray Fabric© though: the material generates the illusion of crystals woven up, or ice.

Both artificial and natural light add a different feel to the material. As such, an X-Ray Fabric© art work is ever-changing: one can imagine the different effect caused by the light of dawn or dusk.

In 2010, Rita was awarded a commission by the Worshipful Company of Weavers and the Victoria & Albert Museum for a Wall Hanging of X-Ray Fabric©. This piece will join the permanent collection of the V&A in 2013.

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