1ina100 & Carlotta Finch – Hand Weaving: From Peckham to India

1ina100 and Carlotta Finch present ‘Hand Weaving: From Peckham to India’, an exhibition delving into weaving and celebrating its relationship to the world around us.

The exhibition is at The Sassoon Gallery, 213 Blenhiem Grove, Peckham, London. SE15 4QL. The private view is on 14th Dec 2012 6.00pm – 02.30am and 15th Dec 2012. 11.00 – 6.00pm

In Autumn 2012 1ina100 and Carlotta travelled to India to research current weaving techniques, both old and new, and collaborated with a diverse selection of local rural and urban craftsmen. The goal was to find the best hand weaver to collaborate with on a new 1ina100 project, coming to fruition in 2013. The project will promote Carlotta as an emerging weave designer and will highlight hand weaving as a vanishing skill. The research took the project through the back streets of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Dehli as well as the more rural communities of Tirupati and Leh. The exhibition documents this journey.

In addition this exhibition illustrates the historic, religious and symbolic context of weaving by exploring the often controversial relationship between Britain and India. It focuses on giving viewers a basic understanding of how looms work, their functions, and the sheer complexity of their capabilities. The exhibition demonstrates the importance of Joseph-Marie Jacquard’s loom in leading to the creation of the modern day computer, as well as discussing the contrasting advantages of natural and synthetic dyes, and the merits of hand weaving vs power looms.

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