Course: Photoshop For Jacquard Weave Design – London

Photoshop for jacquard image 1Details: An In-depth introduction to designing for Jacquard weave using Photoshop. Suitable for weavers with knowledge of structures who want to know how to set up designs for sample or production.

Dates: April – June 2013. Thurs 14.00 – 17.00

Venue & Information: The Mary Ward Centre. 

Tutor: Kathy Schicker

Course Aims
This course is designed for weavers who are interested in learning how to design Jacquard weaves using Photoshop. The course is suitable for weavers who want to try Jacquard design for the first time or experienced Jacquard weavers who want to learn how to design using Photoshop or to re cap on their knowledge.

Good understanding of weave structures and basic knowledge of Photoshop are required.
Course Content
The aim of the course is to teach you how to set up a design files to be woven on a Jacquard loom. The course will take you through the basic principles of Jacquard weaving, using historical and contemporary Jacquard weave examples.

The first design stage will take you through preparing files in Photoshop – including basic designing, setting up repeat patterns and specific set ups for jacquard weaving.

The second design stage will cover creating and building a weave library of weave structures.

The third design stage will take you through inputting the weave structures into your designs.The forth design stage will cover designing using complex weaves.

The final stage will be preparing files for the loom, with an optional opportunity to send your files to be woven. This will be at an additional cost to each student.

Main Outcomes
By the end of the course you should have gained a good understanding of how to design Jacquard weave using Photoshop
This includes:

* Understand Jacquard weave process
* Prepare design files in Photoshop
* Build weave structures in Photoshop
* Input weave structures into design files
* Prepare files to be woven
photoshop for Jacquard image 2


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