Feasibility Study: weave sampling & short runs facility – urgent survey

Toril Branche photo credit
Calling all weaver & designers

Laura Thomas is  currently undertaking some research for a feasibility study into providing support services to the weave sector. She has  compiled a short survey which she would be very grateful if you could fill  it in – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2H3Y3KL

She realises how pressurised your time is, but hopes that the information gleaned from this survey will help secure funding for a much-needed weave facility which could directly benefit your business in the future.

Laura is working to an extremely tight timescale to submit this feasibility study and so would be extremely appreciative to receive your valuable answers, by this coming Saturday, 16th March.

Please do forward this link on to anyone you think might be interested and keen to offer their thoughts.
Photo credit: Toril Branche

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