Texprint Weavers 2013

The 2013 Texprint Weavers exhibited their work last week at Texprint London for a first view for press, sponsors, industry and supporters. The Designers will all be showing at Indigo/Premi̬r Vision, Paris from 17th Р19th Sept 2013.

The following five weave designers showed their work at the Texprint London.

Elizabeth Ashdown
Inspired by military and tudor embroidery and interlocking wires found in mechanical parts, Elizabeth Ashdowns’ woven and stitched textile collection incorporates a range of luxurious and unusual materials.

‘Stitched Connections’ is a collection of statement passmenterie trimmings that utilise  a fresh and contemporary colour palette to present a quirky and highly individual approach to an age-old craft.  She also designs a range of woven and switched textiles for both fashion and interiors

Website: http://www.elizabethashdown.co.uk/
Contact: Info@elizabethashdown.co.uk
Elizabeth graduated from Central Saint Martins, UAL. Ribbon images by the designer


Signe Rand Ebbesen
The inspiration for Signe’s graduate collection of woven fabrics is the colour shifts, the unpredictable structures, the glitter and the semi-translucent layering of minerals and crystals. She has sought to create textiles that change colour and pattern depending on the angle of light, movement and the draping.

The characteristics and aesthetics of treatments normally added to fabrics after production, like embroidery, foiling, embossing and waxing have been engineered into the weaving, to give a luxurious detailing.

Signe has used natural fibres like cashmere, silk and linen to give the fabrics good draping properties and woven synthetic materials like nylon and polyurethane on the top of the cloth to give a sculptural and unexpected surface. ”
Website: http://www.signerandebbesen.com/
Email: signe@signerandebbesen.com
Signe graduated from The Royal College of Art.



Ffion Griffith
‘Unravelling the Welsh blanket’

With the aim of reviving and preserving Welsh weaving methods this collection reinterprets traditional techniques in an original way.

Studying historical textiles inspired the creative reinvigoration of Welsh double-cloth, honeycomb textures and classic striped designs. Correspondence with mill-owners set the challenge of adhering to the industry’s unchanged manufacturing capacities.

Championing the luxurious qualities of natural fibres influenced the choice of lambswool to create blankets of irresistible tactility. British woven Axeminster carpet is a celebration of a collaboration between traditional manufacturing and contemporary ideas. A range of digitally printed cotton furnishing velvet offers a combination of practicality and eye-catching design, which demonstrates the versatility of pattern application.

Focused on celebrating the wealth of Wales’ traditional manufacturing skills, the presentation of new captivating designs entrenched in historic poignancy will raise the profile of Wales’ woollen industry.

Blog: http://ffiongriffith.blogspot.co.uk/
Email: ffion_g@hotmail.co.uk
Ffion graduated from Cheslsea College of Arts and Design, UAL

Cherica Haye
Chericas collection is inspired by Savile Row opulence juxtaposed with crowd protest photography and group animal migration. She explores traditional/luxe yarns alongside less conventional materials such as horsehair and plastic.

Email: cherica.haye@network.rca.ac.uk

Cherica graduated from the Royal College of Art








Taslima Sultana
Taslima Sultana designsTaslima’s work is inspired by the way insects and plants use their natural designs to attract and protect. From the use of colour, texture and pattern she has produced a vibrant textural collection designed for luxury interior accessories.

Email: tsultana@live.co.uk
Website: www.taslimasultana.co.uk
Taslima graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, UAL







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