Amateur weaver required for TV production company

Ricochet (The Weave Shed)(1)Independent TV production company Ricochet has recently been commissioned to make a new series for one of the UK’s Major Broadcasters celebrating traditional and contemporary crafts.

They are currently on the lookout for the country’s most gifted amateur craftspeople to take part in a unique programme that will hone their skills and hopefully support them to become masters of their crafts. The crafts they aim to feature include; Pottery, Blacksmithing, Stonemasonry, Weaving, Glass and Cabinet making.

These craftspeople will be mentored by some of the UK’s top professionals from a variety of disciplines as apprentices on an intensive training scheme. At the end of each training period the apprentices will have the opportunity to create a final piece which will be judged by the leading craftsmen and women in these fields. One apprentice will be claimed the best and will hopefully get the opportunity to turn their passion into a career.

If in the instance your skills are too professional, please do think of any emerging and enthusiastic individuals breaking into the world of textiles.

To find out more information regarding this series, please contact Adam on 01273 224 837 /

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