Woven Light: Swedish School of Textiles

therese.amusgidlof@gmail.comWoven Light was exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014. Under the theme light – material – structure the textile design students from the Swedish School of Textiles, University of  Borås, explored the interaction between different light settings and light qualities and the creation of woven textile structures. Special light emitting and reactive materials were introduced, including reflex materials, “glow in the dark” and PMMA optical fibres. The aim was  to introduce the students to Smart Materials and current textile research in the context of traditional weaving techniques. The course has been lead by Ulla Ranglin, hand weaving expert, accompanied by Barbara Jansen, textile design researcher in the area of light emitting textiles. They are  also members of the Smart Textiles Unit at the Swedish School of Textiles.

The exhibitors were Ellinor Eliasson, Frida Samuelsson, Joanna Vikström, Malin Bobeck, Therese Amus Gidlöf. Textile design students in their 3rd year.

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Contributions were also from Almedahls, Nordiska etikettbolaget AB, Responstryck and Smart textiles.
and special thanks to Stig Abrahamsson, Jan Berg, Olle Holmudd, Roger Högberg, Barbara Jansen, Marjan Kooroshnia, Hanna Lindholm and Ulla Ranglin. GREENHOUSE VH02:01
Photo Jan Berg Graphic design Joanna Vikström. Text from the Swedish School of Textiles

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