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Fiorete logoFiorete began its production in 1934 at Como, Italy specialising in the production of interior decorative fabrics, using the natural fibres of the time such as silk and cotton. By 1950 they were the first company to use synthetic fibres. At Fiorete, they have been constantly innovating and investing in R&D and in their production system.

Fiorete have created a system of refined domotics which include a yarn warehouse that is fully automatised and bidirectional connections between the weaving plants and management system. They feel they are a leading company in quality innovation gaining the certification and OEKO-TEX.

Fiorete fabrics has been used in well known projects, by leading designers and architects in and around the world such as; Aria Sky Suites by Peter Marino, Las Vegas, The Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel, Dubai and the Nhow Hotel by Karim Rashid, Berlin.

With this spirit of constant innovation, search for new development and after three years of intensive studies, Fiorete have developed a new technology which allows weaving and integrating optical fibers on jacquard looms.
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The optical fibre is a thin strand of glass or synthetic cable that carry light from one end to the other, without light in its length. The optical fibre filters out ultraviolet rays and infrared, does not transmit heat thus it is inflammable and can be immersed in liquid, making it one of the safest materials to use. It is compact, fan-less, has high light output, multicolour illuminators that requires almost no maintenance and is extremely energy efficient.

Its versatility makes it today, the most suitable alternative lighting systems where until recently was not possible to achieve better results in the desired colour definition that can be used for a multitude of lighting applications in home decoration and interior architectures. Due to these features it is now used in various sectors such as exhibitions, various types of industries, the arts and crafts, museums and scenography just to name a few.

The starting point for Fiorete was the vision to explore all the possibilities given by this new generation yarn such as the optical fibre, normally used in other fields and industries and to find an application to the industrial textile world. They were very excited in to be able to control light while giving radiance to our fabrics. In other words bringing “life” into fabrics.
fibre optic fabric2Their  optical fibers are lit with a new generation LED (multi color) can be remote controlled from smart phones or tablets. This innovative technique allows for the precise control of light in specific portions of the design. These  fabrics are woven on special machines with specialised weaving techniques and knowledge using a selection of the finest silk yarns available.

The optical fibre are then connected at the edge of the fabric to the ultra-bright LEDs which inject light into the fabric. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the particular design motif, resulting in a self illuminating textile. The perfect blend between the tradition of using the most luxurious silk yarn with modern cutting edge technology of the optical fibre, gives life to this magical fabric a new glamour and uniqueness.

Fiorete can be seen at:
7th-9th May, 2014 : Proposte Villa Erba di Cernobbio (Italy) Ala Cernobbio/Stand 39
14th-17th January  2015: Heimtextil Frankfurt (Germany) Hall 4.1/Stand C14
24th-28th February ,2015: R+T Stuttgart (Germany) Hall 1/Stand 1B78
Images: Courtesy of Fiorete
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