Monty Don’s Real Craft: Weavers

Monty Dons Real CraftMon 19th May, 9-10pm: More4

In the final show of the series Real Craft, Monty meets three trainee weavers who are competing for a commission that could seriously put them on the road to a career as professionals, with the winner’s work set to be sold internationally as part of a collection for the luxury menswear brand Hackett.

The three are put under the tutorage of Ptolemy Mann, a master weaver and textile designer whose clients range from the Hilton Group to Sotheby’s.

The three trainees are 24-year-old Juliet; single mum Aviva, who went back to college five years ago to study weaving and hopes to one day earn enough money from the craft to put her own daughter through university; and 22-year-old Calum. But will any of them prove good enough to represent an international brand?

Series Prod: Kate Morey; Exec Prod: Tim Quicke; Prod Co: Ricochet

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