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Art Quill Studio


Marie-Therese Wisniowski, studio director of Art Quill Studio, The Education Division of Art Quill & Co. Pty. Ltd.

Blog about Textiles/Fashion. There are currently eight data bases on this blogspot, namely, the Glossary of Cultural and Architectural Terms, Timelines of Fabrics, Dyes and Other Stuff, A Fashion Data Base, the Glossary of Colors, Dyes, Inks, Pigments and Resins, the Glossary of Fabrics, Fibers, Finishes, Garments and Yarns, Glossary of Art, Artists, Art Motifs and Art Movements, Glossary of Paper, Photography, Printing, Prints and Publication Terms and the Glossary of Scientific Terms,

British Wool
Has promotions and all you need to know about British wool
The Campaign for Wool
 The Campaign is multi-national, multi-sector and inclusive, and tries to embrace all sections of wool users from the very largest companies to specialist artisans.
The Museum of Carpets
The Carpet Museum Trust was founded in 1981 with the aim of ‘establishing a public museum … for the exhibition of items of local historical and educational interest and in particular in any way connected with the manufacture of carpets and similar textiles’.
Cora Ginsburg LLC


Catalogues you can print out – Textiles and Fashion. The company specializes in museum-quality costume of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and in textiles of the 17th to 20th centuries
Museum of Costume – Bath
Fashion/Costume. Online or visit
California College of The Arts
New materials resource centre San Francisco USA
The Centre for Creative Collaboration
“A neutral place where people from many different backgrounds – universities, large corporates, SMEs, freelancers – can work together on new things in the belief that real innovation happens at the edge and in the gaps between disciplines.” source: website
Craft Research
Knowledge through making – a blog. Dr Louise Valentine is senior researcher on the UK based Past, Present and Future Craft Practice (PPFCP) project from which this BLOG arises. PPFCP is a major Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project led by Professor Georgina Follett and Dr Louise Valentine, Duncan of Jorandstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee, Scotland. Their research asks, ‘Is there a Future for Craft?’ ( text website)
Design Museum
Visit or search their design library online
eTextile Summer Camp
This site has contacts of people who work in the e-textile field, including weavers – also the materials page has a conductive yarn link. They run summer camps for interested participants
Fabric Link
Fabric resource
Fashion & Textile Museum London
“The Fashion and Textile Museum is a cutting edge centre for contemporary fashion, textiles and jewellery in London”. Source: Fashion and Textile Museum
Brunel University, Global Network for materials cycle
Lace Research Network
UCA Farnham.
Unsung museums
A list of many museums!
London Museums Group
A very useful site which lists all museums in London
Macclesfield Silk Weaving Museums
Include the Silk Heritage Museum, Silk Industry Museum, Paradise Mills
“Materia is a knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials, and their applications for architecture and design.” Source: Materia webs
Materials KTN

“The KTN is an overarching network of networks in Materials, set up to bring together the views of all in business, designers, research and technology organisations, trade associations, the financial market, academia and others in the value network across the materials community. The KTN and its network groups will provide a range of activities and initiatives to enable the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of business innovation. Bringing all the materials networks together under the one umbrella will ensure we work together, optimise resources, spread best practice and provide a one-stop shop for materials advice and expertise to UK manufacturing and service providers”Source materials KTN website
Matério is an independent information centre on materials and innovative products.
Materials Library
Library of materials. Kings College London
Offset Warehouse
Ethical clothing and interiors. Has excellent resources pages, a free ethical directory, newsletter, a consultancy service and will give lectures amongst other information
A website used in industry for putting together looks/moodboards/inspiration. You can get an account and start setting up your own personal ones
Scin source, advise, create and sell surfaces (finishes) and materials for every conceivable surface both inside and outside the building. source: Scin website
Technical/Smart  Textiles

Technical and smart textile networks
Textiles Environment Design
The home of sustainable textiles. “Over the last ten years TED has been developing a set of practice-based sustainable design strategies that assist designers in creating textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment” source TED website
Textile Futures Research Centre
“TFRC is comprised of researchers across Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (CSM) and Chelsea College of Art and Design (CCW), at the University of the Arts London (UAL). The researchers are engaged in a clearly focused range of textile related research that explores the question “How can more sustainable futures be enabled by textiles?” source website
Tilburg Textile Museum
Textile Museum, Textile lab including yarn bank and textile Acade
Textiles Intelligencewww.textilesintelligence.com/tisttm “Textiles Intelligence is a leading provider of business information on the global fibre, textile and apparel industries – via printed publications, online access to news and information, and conference presentations from our team of industry experts.” Source Textiles Intelligence
Victoria and Albert Museum
You can search their collections, make appointments & visit
Whitworth Art Gallery



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