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NedGraphics Software for Textile & Apparel


Contact: info@nedgraphics.com

Design Software for Jacquard, Dobby, Print, Knit, Fashion Design, Carpet, Tuft, Color Separation, Color Calibration & 3D Mapping


NedGraphics Software is  for Fashion, Retail, Home Textiles, Carpet and Flooring, and other textile industries.

NedGraphics provides dedicated software tools for print, woven, and knitted fabric design, carpet and tuft, color management and calibration, merchandising and more. NedGraphics products allow designers to exercise full creative freedom while improving efficiency, productivity, and accuracy to create production-ready artwork.

Penelope CAD Systems
Software for Dobby, Jacquard, 3D mapping & Presentations.

All the products are perfectly integrated and can work under the same software, sharing the same files for colours, yarns of all kind, weaves, and so on.

There are some modules specially designed to seamlessly connect design department with production units, and some other focused on the sales and marketing side with apps for both iPad and Laptop.

Pointcarre Textile Software
Textile CAD, Mac & Windows. Suite program for Jacquard/Dobby Weaving, Color Separation, Knit and 3D Mapping.

We provide a library of 4000 weaves and a full collections of yarns for woven fabrics simulations.

Pointcarre is compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator, and directly control any weaving loom ( Staubli, Dornier, Picanol, Bonas, Grosse…)


Contact: info@ScotWeave.com
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