Áine Byrne: Texprint Weave 2015

1-1RCA graduate Áine Byrne is a woven textile maker and designer from Dublin, Ireland.

Inspired by the use of bright pigments used in Mexican Day of The Dead ceremonies and the sometimes irreverent approach to death in the Irish wake tradition, her work sounds dark but is actually playful and uplifting.

Each textile is created using contrasting natural and synthetic fibres. Utilising predominantly weave techniques which are often interrupted by bold prints and textured embroidery.

Shapes and colours are embedded and interwoven into the designs, some elements of which won’t biodegrade when buried, so that memories remain.

 Áine will be exhibiting alongside the other Texprint winners  at Première Vision Designs in Paris. 15th – 17th September 2015

Text and images: Áine Byrne

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